Happy Paleo Christmas From Caveman Diet Blog

Happy Paleo Christmas from all of us at Caveman Diet Blog.

As many of you know, we only started Caveman Diet Blog in the summer so this is our very first Christmas and New Year as Paleo enthusiasts.

Last Christmas we had the usual Christmas food……Way too much chocolate (well times it by ten), way too much pastry (mince pies/shortbread/sausage rolls etc) and some processed foods and not enough meat and vegetables.

When I look back it was shameful, but compare this to what we used to eat at Christmas a decade ago, it is rather healthy.

Yet here we are at our first Paleo Christmas and really considering our options about how Paleo we plan to be over Christmas and what kind of a difference we plan on making to our healthy lifestyle.

On a day to day basis I would consider us to be about 75-80% Paleo depending on what we’re eating.  We might have a little soft cheese in our sauce, some bread with our soup, or a slice of dark chocolate. But as this is not with every meal and we eat a lot of meat and vegetables and good fats we consider ourselves to be rather good at the Paleo thing.

But here we are at our Paleo Christmas and wondering how much this would change us. Could we stick to it at a normal level or will we disappear off the Paleo radar for a few days.

Thanksgiving was a good test run for us. With very similar food and lots of extras that we could make we wondered how Paleo we would actually be. Could we still stick to it 75% of the time?


Well minus the birthday cake for Sofia’s 1st birthday that I managed to binge my way through in 24 hours!

But apart from that we ended up being a lot more Paleo than I thought we could be. After eating more or less what I felt like, I decided to count up the none Paleo food that we had and it was rather minimal.

The none Paleo resulted in:

  • Roast potatoes
  • Mash
  • Breadcrumbs in our stuffing balls
  • Butter on the roast turkey marinade

For us this is rather amazing. The turkey was lovely, I had a lot of sprouts, lots of vegetables, pigs in blankets and because of the sauce on the vegetables we never bothered making any gravy. Though I am sure we will be having some at Christmas. But for a trial run I don’t think we have done too badly!

I always follow the same rule when it comes to a roast dinner that I want to be Paleo. I will load my plate with vegetables and meat and then when I have eaten it, if I am still hungry or still fancy something I will then go for something that is not Paleo as my extra treat.

Plus that way you never feel like you have missed out!

Whatever you’re having today remember to enjoy it and a Happy Christmas!

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