Paleo Holiday How to Survive the Parties

How to Survive the Holiday Party Season (and stay Paleo)

It is that time where we will eat more than we should of what you shouldn’t. Here is a quick check out list on what to have in your pantry, or to bring to your party, to make sure you stay right on track.

I always advise Paleo practitioners to lead by initiation, more than just by example. The holidays are the perfect time to put this into practice. Whenever it is time to eat, bringing your own Paleo treats to share is the first step to keeping engaged and engage others.

Here are ways how:

Bring trays of crudites and olives. Trays of vegetables are a staple of Paleo and everyone enjoys them just as much. Just swap the dipping creams for coconut cream substitutes and you will be on your way to rock that party.
Remember that wings are our Paleo friends, and are party favorites all over the world. Choose the kind that are rubbed, not sauced, or prepare your own sugarless, honey-based sauce for them.
Spiral hams, non sugar coated, are also great alternatives for Paleo parties. Allow for guests to prepare their own ham skewers by cutting them in cubes, and placing them near the veggie and olive trays.

Offer trays of fruits as well as vegetables. You would be surprised how many folks will appreciate a fresh piece of fruit, especially amongst so much heavy eating.
Turkey and other holiday favorites are allowed in Paleo. Just keep them as untouched by preservatives and additives as possible.
Stave off bread, sugary sweets and candies. Believe it or not, they may throw off your digestive system if you are already eatIs Alcohol Paleo Infographicing more than what you are used to due to the season and their parties.


Remember the allowed drinks: rum, potato vodka, whisky, brut champagne, dry white wine (sauvignon) and derivatives. That being said, prepare yourself for a holiday treat with:

Mojitos! Rum, seltzer, lime, mint, cheers!

Dirty and dry Martinis (do not skimp on the olives- the larger the better)

Wine spritzers made with dry wine and sparkling water.

Iced, brut champagne

Now, there is talk about whether red wine is Paleo enough or not. This is what you do if you are not sure: Go with the most organic option, pressed directly from grapes, and without sulfites and additives. That is what you need to look for in the ingredients of each wine. Not all are made the same, and there may be one which hits the bingo bell.

Still the best drink of them all will always be water.

Drink and hydrate as much as possible all this eating and drinking may be a recipe for disaster. Avoid it by keeping your body in balance.

TTCs- Thing to consider

Since our lifestyle is about keeping it as real as possible, also consider some behavioral additions to your holiday cheer. Get out, a bit. Have sun rays hit you whenever possible. Take a walk. Why not? Our ancestors did it with protective clothing that doesn’t come close to what’s in your closet. Move and exercise, share your love and spread the joy as much as you can.

That is the Paleo Way!

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